Dress for Your Body, No One Else's

You are a beautiful person.

I don’t care what your mom, dad, ex-boyfriend or sister’s brother’s wife has told you. You are beautiful, exactly the way you are.

Your body is beautiful, too. Whether you think that your legs are too long or your middle too short, your body is a beautiful thing, and it’s yours and no one else’s.

I didn’t always feel this way. For a long time I felt very alone in my journey towards self-love and ultimately - self-acceptance. But I wasn’t, and neither are you. Believing in yourself is hard, and it’s part of why it’s so much easier to judge others. We can quickly identify the things that make us uncomfortable. But internally, it’s much harder to take stock.


So hey, hi, hello. I’m Heather Newberger - a freelance commercial & editorial stylist who believes in creating inclusivity in the exclusive fashion industry. We all have the right to great style, but just because everyone has to wear clothes, doesn’t mean everyone always feels great in clothes - and it’s my mission to change that.

For the past 10 years I’ve done my best to learn every side of the camera - from studying photography, to working as an agent, and ultimately - finding my voice as a fashion stylist. I love what I do, from inception to print. But it isn’t an easy job. Nothing that you care about deeply ever is.

It’s simple to say that I fell into my profession, or that I am lucky to have the opportunity to work in New York City in a commercial, creative role. And don’t get me wrong - I am eternally grateful for the chances people have taken, advice I’ve been given, and the honesty thrown my way - but luck is really just a construct, and it doesn’t have much to do with anything. What does is a whole lot of dogged perseverance, wit, and making sure to raise your hand when the timing is right.

For much of my life I struggled to hide my own insecurities, instead of embracing them or learning how to work with my figure. Instead, I’d obsess over the choices other women would make, and the outfits I felt they were allowed to wear, but I was not. For years, I kept myself from attending events or going parties because I didn’t feel like I looked my best. But I know now how silly that sounds. I wasn’t setting myself up for success, and just like I’d tell a client - the pre-production is everything.

So allow me to join you on your own fashion journey. It might be rough, and probably uncomfortable. But you’re going to feel so much better on the other side.

I promise.