Just Power Through It

Some days are better than others, and those are the days you have to remember when the going gets tough, and you start to feel out of touch with your body.


Being a creative person isn’t easy, it’s actually very hard, and for much of my life, I didn’t believe that I was one of them. From a young age, I always thought that to be taken seriously as an artist you had to be able to paint a perfect fruit bowl, which left me endlessly jealous of my classmates whose representational skills far surpassed my own.

Except creativity isn’t something you have to reach for - it’s embedded in who you are, whether you’re a painter, photographer, writer or designer - the list is endlessly long. It’s just hard to remember when you’re continually facing adversity and the fear that the talents of others will outshine your own.

That’s where the power suit comes in. I know it sounds silly, but just like the power poses dressing like a powerful woman can help you feel like a powerful woman - or at least remind you of the strength you have inside, that can often feel too far away to reach.

Unlike the 80s when the power suit was on the rise, and all about hiding your femininity to play ball with the boys, women like Rihanna and HRC have changed the way we look at women’s suiting, making it more aspirational than expected.

Per Shira Tarrant, professor and author of Fashion Talks: Undressing the Power of Style “Wearing a pantsuit used to be the expectation at the time if you were to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, but women were still criticized for trying to emulate men because it was a derivative of menswear.”


However by 2015, with the support of designers such as Bottega Veneta, Chanel, and Christopher Kane, the two-piece has taken on a personality of its own, and become much less about fitting in at the workplace, and more about taking charge of your personal style. Just by subbing in a t-shirt for a button down, you can easily downplay a suit for brunch, instead of feeling like wearing one is only applicable for office presentations or meetings.

The one I’m wearing is from & Other Stories but there are limitless options out there for you to try. Personally, I’m endlessly inspired by Annie Hall and high waisted pants, but you can lean into whatever feels right for your body.

My pro tip would be to find your waist, accentuate it with a pair of crisp slacks, and then throw on a fun blazer - whether it matches or not. Immediately you‘ll be able to look in the mirror and remind yourself of the boss you really are.